The Renovation

At Lazor Construction we are prepared to tackle all sort of problems that might arise after stripping the house to the structural layer.

Solving Damp problem

A great deal can be done by modern and specific alterations or ‘improvements’ we will chose to fix a given problem. For instance: replacing lime with cement in pointing or rendering, painting using modern impermeable products, replacing suspended timber floors with concrete, reducing ventilation and changing external ground levels against the building to ensure that the building can breathe by reinstating lime in place of impermeable cement in plaster, mortar and render.
A problem of raising dump can be solved using non-invasive methods such as improving ground drainage around the property, lowering the external ground level, improving ventilation and even just getting the heating back on.
Penetrating damp problems in walls and ceilings can usually be resolved by repairing the building’s fabric, such as repointing brickwork with lime mortar, repairing lime render or missing hung tiles, fixing the roof, and repairing lead flashings and valleys, guttering and doors and windows.

Check Drains and Service Connections

At this stage we will recommend checking that the existing drains are in working. If you are extending, we will relocate drains according to the regulations and suitably to the extension specifics.

Major Structural Work and Extensions

We make sure that say extensions or renovation work complies with the Building Regulations. As of January 2006, new building regulations applications for extensions will also have to include proposals to upgrade the thermal performance of the existing part of the house.
In case of listed buildings, we will take measures to protect any parts of the existing building structure and décor that could be vulnerable to damage during the main construction stage of the project.

Roof work

Once the roof structure is complete we will felt and batten and make sure the structure is made weather tight to keep out the elements and to secure the building. We will make sure that the new parts of the roof intersect with the old, and, preferably, match the existing/original roof covering either by buying reclaimed tiles/slates or by replacing one plane of the roof at the back and using the salvaged tiles/slates at the front.
We would suggest to our client to check that any chimney stacks and pots are stable and clear, to put on bird guards, and to repair lead flashings around the chimneys, in valleys, on hips, dormers and any abutments.

Door and window Fitting and Make Them Weather Tight

Our team will make sure that your property is kept safe and warm during the renovation process. Where doors and windows are not yet on site, the openings will be covered in plastic sheets or even better- boarded up. Once the windows are fitted and sealed we will make sure they are left clean at the end of the work.

Fix Gutters Downpipes and Exterior Decoration

Before we take the scaffold down and should our client need it, we would aim to replace, repair and fix all guttering, and to fix brackets for the downpipes. We would take the opportunity to suggest to the client to undertake any external decoration or staining of external joinery such as fascias and soffits, barge boards and windows, render and timber siding.

Drainage, Landscaping and External Works

Garden and landscaping work is something we are proud of at Lazor Construction Ltd as well. Form laying out the driveways, paths, new gardens and patios and lawns to building outhouses, sheds and car ports and garages.

First Fix

Work inside, depending on the project will start with building carcassing for any internal stud walls, add flooring grade chipboard or floorboards to joists, fix ceiling joists where required, build in door linings ready for the plasterers to work to (these are added later for dry-lining), window reveals and cills. We would fit any new staircases at this stage, prior to plastering.
Our excellent team of certified electricians and plumbers will start on any electrical and plumbing work that is needed. First fix wiring, installing soil pipes and drainage connections, water cylinder, ventilation ducts, extract ducts, wiring for central heating controls, alarms, speakers or any other home automation equipment to mention a few.
At Lazor Construction Ltd we comply with Building Regulations and issue certificates on all our plumbing and electrical services we carry out. We also give a one free service on all our work.

Plastering Out, Screed Floors

With first fix complete, now we will carry on our ‘attack plan’ to re-plaster, apply plasterboard/dry-lining to ceilings and any stud walls, and to repair any damaged plasterwork/mouldings. Should you need to install underfloor heating systems we will do it now.

Second Fix

Now is the time for our teams at Lazor Construction to connect the units and fit all light fittings, sockets, switches, phone and TV points and the extractor hood, hang all doors and fix skirting, architrave, spindles and handrails. We will install the bathroom fittings and connect the taps, the boilers and controls, and fit radiators, fit the kitchen and complete any fitted furniture, box in any pipes or soil stacks ready for the decorators. Anything that your bathroom and kitchen needs.
Also our teams of experienced and certified plumbers and electricians commission the heating system.

Decorating, Tiling, Wooden Floors and Carpets

Our fantastic team of builders and decorators is experienced in laying a variety types of floors including wood flooring, ceramic tile, stone, terrazzo to suit the clients’ preferences and taste. Any soft floor coverings, such as vinyl and carpet can be laid and the white goods such as the oven, hob, fridge and washing machine will be carefully fitted.

The preparation process

Our highly qualified teams work closely together and prepare a ‘plan of attack’. We estimate the likely cost and time schedule of a renovation project. Where funds are restricted we will consult the clients and allow works to be prioritized without compromising the end result or wasting money. We put an utmost attention to the initial survey of the condition and the type of the building as it will affect the type and extent of any alterations that can be made and the materials and techniques that are appropriate.

Using the wrong renovation techniques can quickly lead to extensive damage to an old building, especially in the case of earth construction such as cob and clom, oak framing, rubble stone walls and random slate walls.

If the building is to be remodelled or extended, we will focus on the measured survey of the house as it is an invaluable starting point for making design decisions.

Once the condition of the building is stabilised and all consents in place we will start work on site. Having assessed the access to the building, the next task we undertake is to ensure that the building is structurally stable. We will be responsible for underpinning, or piling work to improve or stabilise any existing foundations, steel ties to stop lateral spread in walls or a roof, or the insertion or steel props, beams or scaffold to prevent further collapse.

Once the structure is stable we will make sure that any demolition work that is required and to strip the building back to the part that is to be kept.

At Lazor Construction Ltd we deal with all kind of projects, small and large
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